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I'm Jesika...I'm an artist, baker, super nerd with a passion for animals, wildlife, and nature. This was my study abroad travel blog turned everyday blog. I post photos from my life, my baking, my art work, and ones I find or reblog which will probably revolve around:
•Travel and Nature
•Food/Baking photography and recipes
•Artists and photographers find inspiring
•Animals (especially marine ones)
•My fandoms (doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, LotR, ASoIaF, GoT...just to name a few...there's a lot

(side note: although I always give credit where it's due and link, sometimes reblogging I may miss if it's not credited. If I ever post a photo of yours and you'd like it credited or taken down, simply let me know and I'll do so)
Posts tagged "water"

Sandro Cinto One Day, After the Rain (details) #painting #drawing #art #water #ocean #waves #landscape (at The Phillips Collection)

Iceberg Arc by francois Dequidt

Iceberg Castle, Greenland by jyrhino2000

Icebergs on Lago Argentina by benjinho

Antarctic Iceberg posted by NOAA’s National Ocean Service credit: Debra Tillinger

Glacier National Park, Montana by Michael Mattingly

Icebergs in Antarctica by Ruth Hallam

Jökulsá Glacial Lagoon, Iceland by Hugi Ólafsson

Iceberg, Antarctica by AchimHB

Iceberg, Antarctica by tim ellis

Iceburg Blue by Camera House

Scoresby Sund, Greenland by Duane Miller

Los Glacier National Park, Argentina by Howard Koons

Iceberg, Antarctica by Elwood J. Cat

Iceberg, Iceland by Russell Gant