I'm Jesika...I'm an artist, baker, super nerd with a passion for animals, wildlife, and nature. This was my study abroad travel blog turned everyday blog. I post photos from my life, my baking, my art work, and ones I find or reblog which will probably revolve around:
•Travel and Nature
•Food/Baking photography and recipes
•Artists and photographers find inspiring
•Animals (especially marine ones)
•My fansoms (doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, LotR, ASoIaF, GoT...just to name a few

(side note: although I always give credit where it's due and link, if I ever post a photo of yours and you'd like it taken down simply let me know and I'll delete it. Header image by Stephane Vetter)
  • Love my new @blackmilkclothing Mucha leggings. Middle Earth map ones are on the way #blackmilkclothing #blackmilk #leggings #mucha #fashion #artnouveau

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  • Dolce and Gabbana in Punk: Chaos to Couture #dolceandgabbana #d&g #fashion #punk #couture #painting (at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

  • McQueen summer 99 in the Met’s Punk: Chaos to Couture #alexandermcqueen #mcqueen #fashion #grafitti #punk #couture (at The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

  • Oscar de la Renta


    “His singular sensibility has informed an entire generation of designers. Its ubiquity in their work is drowning out other voices, blunting fashion’s capacity to empower and equating dressing up with being grown-up.”

    -The Daily Beast

    (Source: annstreetstudio)

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