Travel By Folding A Map

I'm Jesika...I'm an artist, baker, super nerd with a passion for animals, wildlife, and nature. This was my study abroad travel blog turned everyday blog. I post photos from my life, my baking, my art work, and ones I find or reblog which will probably revolve around:
•Travel and Nature
•Food/Baking photography and recipes
•Artists and photographers find inspiring
•Animals (especially marine ones)
•My fandoms (doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, LotR, ASoIaF, GoT...just to name a few...there's a lot

(side note: although I always give credit where it's due and link, sometimes reblogging I may miss if it's not credited. If I ever post a photo of yours and you'd like it credited or taken down, simply let me know and I'll do so)

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